Vision: To research, manage and conserve remaining fauna and flora in a rational manner, so as to yield benefits (ecological, cultural, scientific and economic) to The Gambia, particularly to the communities surrounding protected areas.  The forestry and Wildlife sectors will continue to improve public awareness of fauna and flora conservation and sustainable use of resources, taking into account the increase of the citizens' awareness and deliver professional services to all stakeholders by undertaking institutional and staff capacity building as appropriate.


Strategic objectives

Undertake data collection, fauna and flora inventories for effective planning.

Provide awareness and environmental education in schools and communities including effective information on sustainable use of resources.

Conserve, protect and promote sustainable use of biodiversity in The Gambia. 

Undertake staff training and institutional capacity building in order to provide an efficient service to all stakeholders.

Encourage and strengthen community and private sector participation in protected area management and minimize wildlife damage to human property.  

Enhance livelihoods of communities near protected areas. 

Increase revenue generated by protected areas and retains a portion of this for re investment. 

Increase protected area coverage in The Gambia,

Implement conventions, protocols and agreements signed by the Gambia in the field of Biodiversity conservation